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What are HTML, CSS and JavaScript and what can you do with it?

Short answer: HTML, CSS, and JavaScript are three district coding languages that are often used together to build Website and Web Applications. HTML: Hyper-Text Markup Language is used to put the main structure of a website together. (Like a skeleton of a body) CSS: Cascading Style Sheets acts like the make-up for the HTML. CSS improves the colors, layout an general styling of…

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How to console.log like a professional

console.log() You probably use this all the time in your projects. Console.log() writes a message to the console. This can be a a simple string or integer, or a variable containing a string or integer. console.log(‘this is a log’) You can also use console.log() to log an array or object to the console: console.log(myArray) console.log(myObject) When you write a string…

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html5 game tutorial screenshot
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Create a HTML5 and Javascript memory game

Introduction In this tutorial you will learn how to create a simple memory HTML5 game using HTML5 and Javascript. Making projects like this is a great way to learn and practice your coding skills. In addition a game that you have created yourself looks great on your resume. For this tutorial you will need some knowledge of: HTML5 CSS Javascript…

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